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Address: DaSha Distrct,
DaLingShan Town, DongGuan City, GuangDong Province.China
Zip code: 523821
Treatment for surface
·spray sand、wiredrawing
·Drawing, batch, color,
·Shell design
·hardware, plastic mold
About us
Registered Capital: RMB3,000,000 Yuan; Fixed Assets: 10 million Yuan,
  * The total number of employee:230, Research and Development staff: 20;

  * Factory Area: 10,000 square meters, Green area: 3,000 square meters; plant area: 20,000 square meters. 

* Main process:Chemical Etching(2D&3D)/PVD/Lapping/E-Polishing/Sandblasting/Laser/Stamping etc. surface treatment process.

        Dongguan Zhixing Electronic Hardware Co., Ltd. specializes in metal surface treatment and die development of business and currently employs 230 people, 20 technical staff, covers an area of 20,000 square meters, currently the main customers for Huawei,vivo,OPPO, MOTOROLA,MI, the company is located in large Rhombomys Ling Town management areas, public transport, to welcome all of you friends to sample processing.
       Zhi Xing is a company specialized in metal etching, polishing and other surface treatment. It owns a large anti-osmosis sewage disposal facilities (handling sewage 300 TON a day). It takes ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification for its starting point. IATF16949 system is implementing.And implement the quality principle of “excellence, sincerity and genuine, sustained improvement in customer satisfaction," the environmental protection Policy “pollution prevention, compliance with the law, energy saving, continuous improvement,” It applies the sophisticated chemical etching technology. During the last one decade, high-tech industries has been applied in production, manufacture all types of machining or could not be completed by the high costs of metal parts.
      The company’s plant, equipment and the environment are the basis of high-yielding and high-quality. It has construction of production plants and excellent package of imports and domestic production and testing equipment. Its key technologies are researched by the Company’s technical experts and equipment manufacturer. Furthermore, central air conditioning refrigeration system provides staff with a comfortable working environment.
       Zhi Xing Company implements the "Labor Law" actively so that employees can enjoy the full rights. Employees participate in enterprise management and supervision and share the profit of the company. Zhi Xing Company takes the view of "employee first, integrity management, technology leadership, management innovation" as it’s founding of the enterprise. It won the reward of "Top 10 companies to pay taxes" and "staff" House "staff satisfied with the enterprise" for five consecutive years from the Government .It takes the principle of  responsible for the customer, responsible for the community," as its  own commitments and requirements.
       Zhi Xing company's personnel team is the first capital. The high-quality workforce: more than 30 percent have college-level or higher diploma, high school level cadres are from a multinational group for more than five years experience in actual combat with advanced management concept, Tools, after three years after the collision with the distillation of the integration. Technical director for etching by more than 20 years of research Wang Xingli concurrently general manager personally, this is a younger that was educated and more specialized in this field. The staff grows up in progress.
Recalling the past, faced, overcame the difficulties and made great achievements; looking to the future , determine to win and has a long way to go.
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